Hummingbird Tracker App Reviews

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Map out of date... useless

I just got ripped off by paying for this app and when I opened it, the migration map is dated December 31, 2017! That’s hardly current and showing Spring 2018 migration! What a disappointment!

Great app for all hummingbird lovers!

This app is a great idea! Now if everyone starts posting we'll know just when to have our feeders out and be ready for these lovely creatures. The photo galley has some beautiful pics too! We NEVER saw any hummers in our city neighborhood until we bought some nesting material and several beautiful feeders (it definitely took more than one, they seem to go to certain ones different times of the day) from the hummingbird guide. Then we suddenly started seeing a couple. The following year we bought a feeder for our neighbor too and now we see lots! Every morning g on the summer I wake up to a buzzing little female at the kitchen window. Our daughter loves to see them at our feeder outside the bathroom window when she's going "potty". So I hope every hummingbird follow gets this app and starts posting : )

HummingBird Tracker - Terrible

I'm sorry I didn't read the other reviews. This app doesn't work. Tom A from New Mexico. Actually less than one ⭐️.

Hummingbird Tracker

Not a tracking app. It is a high priced sales app. Total waste of time and money.

Great idea but doesn't work well.

Needs more work. Hard to use and locks up. Not worth the price yet.

Love this ap

Great information and easy to navigate.


This app is a waste. It does not say what type of hummingbirds. Just a sighting of one.

App doesn't work

Downloaded it three times. App doesn't old when opened. Opens to a black screen. Tells me I have to connect to the Internet when I already am. Needs work. Needs to work!

Great App

This app is fun, interactive, useful and worthwhile!

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